3 Ways To Make Your DC Home Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Living in Washington DC

Now more than ever, being eco-conscious is more than a trend, its a lifestyle.  As a homeowner of American University Park luxury real estate, there are opportunities throughout where adjustments can be made to promote a cleaner and greener environment at home.

Not sure where to start? We have outlined three easy steps to get started.

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Plant a tree

“I think that I shall never see. A poem lovely as a tree,’’ that’s according to Joyce Kilmer. If you have a free space in your yard, you can plant trees and other plants. The shrubs, ornamental plants, and a vegetable garden can also help but nothing compares to the benefits of a full-grown tree. We all know that trees filter the pollution from the air to make it fresh. Fresh air is important for our health. Trees also lessen the negative effects of other environmental conditions such as heat wave and flooding. If you plant fruit-bearing trees, you will enjoy picking and eating their produce later on.

Repurpose your used water

It’s hard to think that we are surrounded by bodies of water yet the supply of water continues to decline as the years pass. Those who live in places where water is abundant will have a hard time digesting this fact. Though we still enjoy easy access now, the time will come that water will be scarce. To prevent the land from completely drying up from water, it is important that you start reusing it. There are so many things that you can do to repurpose the used water. You can water your plants with it or if it is still clean, you can use it to wash your car.

Reduce and recycle your trash

The world will be covered with trash if people will not start acting about the garbage problem right now. Plastics and metal scraps pollute the land and water systems while burning them make the air we breathe toxically. We have to start reducing the trash by patronizing the products that generate less non-biodegradable waste.

We can reuse the trash in so many ways. For instance, use the shoe boxes for storing your personal items such as books, greeting cards, notepads, etc. Collect the trashes that can be recycled and send them to recycling centers. Another easy way to lessen the impact of trashes is by segregating them properly.

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